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 Clan Event 02/05/10

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PostSubject: Clan Event 02/05/10   Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:52 pm

6-7 = Roaches
7-8 = Tzhaars
8-9 = Kalphite Queen
9-10 = Chaos Elemental
10-11 = Mummies

Requirements: None
Roaches are the basic warm up monsters with moderate drops. They can drop RuneScimitars and Rune Square Shields.

Requirements: None
These monsters can hit up to 14 or so. They hit at a decent rate but nothing a tank can't handle. If you tag along be sure to know when to attack. They drop poor items most of the time but on a rare occasion you will get an obsidian drop worth 50-200k.

Kalphite Queen
Requirements: 40 Prayer + Prayer Potions
This monster can hit rather high and tends to hit quite often. Being the first boss in our lineup it is suggested you come prepared with a teleport. You have a moderate chance of death here and it uses range quite a lot. Keep protect from range up and use prayer potions.

Chaos Elemental
-Coming Soon-

Requirements: 43 Prayer + Prayer Potions
Mummies are in a multi combat zone and hit 20's very often. If you don't have protect melee on you will be a quick meal for these monsters. They drop an array of Rune items at a good rate.
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Clan Event 02/05/10
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