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 Sosolid2kk Runescape Boss Event

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PostSubject: Sosolid2kk Runescape Boss Event   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:54 am

Pulled directly from his Youtube Description. For our time it will be at 4:00 PM.

I will be hosting a huge boss monster event to celebrate getting 100,000 subscribers. The event will be held on Saturday the 7th of November and everyone is invited!


Saturday 7th November 2009


GMT - 21:00 (9pm) (UK/Portugal)
CET - 22:00 (10pm) (Netherlands/Sweden/Belguim/Finland/Norway/Germany)
EET - 23:00 (11pm) (Finland/Greece)


EST - 16:00 (4pm)
CST - 15:00 (3pm)
MST - 14:00 (2pm)
PST - 13:00 (1pm)

I can't list every time zone, so if yours in not listed please try to find out yourself by converting the GMT time (21:00) into your time zone -


It may be a good idea to add both the clan chats of the boss you want to go to, so when it logs in you will be reminded to join the chat!

--Main Chats--

-World 28-

Corpor_Beast (Corporeal Beast)
Torm_Demon (Tormented Demons)
Zily_100k (Commander Zilyana/Sara)
Kree_100k (Kree'arra/Armadyl)
Gen_100k (General Graardor/Bandos)

--Overflow Chats--

-World 64-

Corp_100k (Corporeal Beast)
Torm_Demon2 (Tormented Demons)
Sara_10k (Commander Zilyana/Sara)
Armadyl_10k (Kree'arra/Armadyl)
Graardor_10k (General Graardor/Bandos)

Only join the overflow chats if the main chat is full and you haven't been added.

If both clan chats are filled up for any boss, check back here on the night of the event and I will post additional overflow chats for the full bosses.


Remember you need to be logged into the correct world before you will be added in the clan chats!

You should join the clan chat of the boss you want to fight about 1 hour before the event starts to stand the best chance of being added. I will spend the hour before the event hopping through the clan chats adding everyone, if you arrive late and the event has already started you will not be added.

The Zamorak General was not included in the event because the turnout for K'ril is usually very low, I'd rather focus the event on the more popular bosses to make them more fun.

There may or may not be enough clan chats, It's hard to tell how many people will come but hopefully there is enough space for everyone who wants to come.

The event is coinshare because I feel it is more fair for events like this. Not everyone has high 'lsp' and it is unfair for that to affect their chance of getting something from this event. Hopefully most people will walk away with a few mil, depending on your teams luck and how long you can last!

I'd recommend getting stocked up on supplies as early as you can, to avoid price manipulation clans making any items we need impossible to buy close to the event.

Hope everyone enjoys the event and thanks for subscribing, 100k is completely crazy, that's how many people live in my town Surprised!
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Sosolid2kk Runescape Boss Event
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