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 Recruitment Requirements + Ranks

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PostSubject: Recruitment Requirements + Ranks   Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:20 am

We have made a list of rules that all clan members will hereby agree to before joining the clan. If you are already in the clan you must still follow the rules. If the rules are to difficult to follow please message a co-leader or the leader of the reasons why you are leaving. Depending on the reason you may or may not be put on our pk list.

1. Never PK a fellow clan member. A duel that you both agree to have is allowed.
2. Never scam a fellow clan member.
3. Never hack on Swords. (Including Duping)
4. Respect all clan members.
5. Listen to all higher authorities.
6. Report all threats, pks, misuse of authority, or quitting of the clan you or someone else is involved with to the leader or co-leader.
7. Do not quit the clan without informing a higher up.

1. Leader
2. CoLeader
3. Corrupt
4. Admiral
5. General
6. Recruit

In-Depth information on the given ranks.

Recruit - This is the starting rank for all members. Once recruited into the clan one will be given 1m starting vis. These vis are used for the purpose of starting the game and supplying oneself with all the needed equipment. This is the lowest rank of all so listening to orders of higher clan members is required. If one is busy and can't attend an order please be sure to inform the higher up. If a clan member is in trouble or requiers assistance it is suggested that one goes to his/her aid to solve the problem.

General- As one continues to progress further into the clan there will be a promotion by proving assistance and loyalty. Once one has ranked to the next level one now has higher power over the last rank. This does not give one full authority but it does allow the commanding voice. One can tell other lower ranking members on how to complete their given mission. This rank is all about learning the basic leadership skills to become stronger for future ranks. As you move up in rank it is also ones job to keep the lower ranked members happy and safe by means of assistance.

Admiral- This rank shows one has achieved much in the clan. This rank can command all ranks below it in combat and outside of combat. One must teach Generals how to control combat movements and teach Recruits how to start playing. One must learn all tactical combat from clan members to improve them self and others. Learning a better way of single combat is the objective of Admirals. Once one feels prepared they may challenge a CoLeader or leader of their level with qualified experience to rank up.

Corrupt- The final rank. One who has accomplished all the above tasks will now be granted the title Corrupt. One has power over all lower ranked members. Teaching basic control to tactical single combat is essential. Assisting all members when needed and providing great defense for the clan name is required for this position. You have been noticed by the members, CoLeaders, and the Leader to gain this position.

CoLeader - This rank watches over all clan members and assists when possible. One who has been given the rank of CoLeader has a close trust to the Clan Leader. One will listen to all concerns of clan members and report them directly to the leader. Every CoLeader has a specific task for the clan but they all still hold the responsibility to listen to clan members and fix problems when possible. If assistance is ever needed contact a CoLeader.

Leader - The leader has full control over the clan. Word of the Leader is law. The Leader will keep things as fair as possible for all members of the clan along with assisting anyone with help. The Leader's job is to fix any problems inside and outside of the clan. If a problem can't be dealt with the assistance of a CoLeader one is always welcome to directly contact the Leader.

How to rank up
to - One will have to be noticed for good deeds to fellow clan members, good loyalty and respect, and decent combat experience.
to - One must be good at controlling multiple units on the battlefield and be prepared to show their skill to a higher up.
to - One must defeat a qualified CoLeader or the Leader to obtain this position as well as being voted in.

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Recruitment Requirements + Ranks
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